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Terms and Conditions

We receive praise for our quality and service from our clients every day. Many of these clients are the most demanding professionals in the visual arts. so we have to be doing something right. Our volume allows us to be low priced among quality fine art printers. We are proud of our record of customer satisfaction. However, we have developed a set of terms and conditions to reduce the chances for misunderstandings. By ordering, you are stating that you agree with these terms and conditions of sale.

Current Production Time on Most Orders:

This is a custom product & is produced after you order!

Paper & Uncoated Canvas: *Approx: 1 - 3 Work Days.

Coated Canvas: *Approx: 3 - 4 Work Days.

Stretched Canvas: *Approx: 3 - 5 Work Days.

*From the time we get a print ready digital file. Large or complex orders will take longer. All production times subject to change. Order in time!!!

Rush Orders:

We try to accommodate rush orders, but cannot make guarantees. If you have a deadline, we will do our best, but we can not guarantee delivery by a certain date. Rush Orders Are Subject To A 15% (Min: $15) Charge. Stretched or coated canvas prints will still require 3 days minimum drying time.

Orders paid by check may be held 10 days. Expedited Shipping does NOT speed up production time. Shipping transit time: 2 - 6 days by UPS Ground Service.


Canvas Prints ARE cropped if needed.

Paper prints are NOT cropped.

Try to order your canvas prints in the same proportions as your file to limit cropping. If your file requires cropping, we will use our best judgment as to what to crop out and are not responsible for overly cropped images. We generally crop evenly from all sides. Cropping is done automatically by our software to get your selected size, so if your file proportions are different than the size your order, cropping will occur. If cropping is a concern, you should crop your file yourself.

On paper prints we generally don't crop, so if the file proportions and size ordered are not exact, your paper prints may not be the exact size you order.


You do not have to make your file the exact same size of the print you are ordering. It will be automatically enlarged, reduced & cropped. We do not guarantee exact sizes. All finished print sizes may be approximate and may be smaller or larger than you order. We recommend that you NOT make frames, cut mats, stretcher bars, etc., until you have the actual print in hand. NOTE: Some canvas shrinking may occur when ordering un-stretched canvas prints.

*About Color & Print Quality:

We do not modify or adjust customer files other than cropping & sizing. We print your files as is.

We guarantee the quality of our work & materials, but understand that print quality of the finished print you get from us can only be as good as the digital file you give us to work with, so we cannot be responsible for color or print quality such as out of focus, poor resolution, low dpi, blur, content, wrong color mode, size, etc. We use a very carefully calibrated and profiled system. You the client are solely responsible for image quality & color and should make any color adjustments BEFORE uploading your file. It is NOT always possible to get 100% accuracy! Since monitors have different color levels, we cannot guarantee that your print will look the same as the image it does on your monitor. File Types Should Be .tiff, .jpeg or Photoshop Files. Other types are NOT recommended. Other file types such as .pdf or .ai files may delay your order or produce unwelcome results.

Print Brightness:

We print files as they actually are. We do not brighten or lighten any files. Sometimes a customer's monitor will display a file lighter/brighter or darker then it actually is. We cannot guarantee that your print will look the exact same as it does on your monitor.


DO NOT add the borders to your image unless it is part of your image. We add borders to un-stretched canvas & paper prints.

Image Alignment & Centering:

Mainly an issue when the image wraps or when you have a white or unprinted area around your image. We CANNOT guarantee exact placement or alignment on images on stretched canvas. All stretching is done by machine. We visually center all images and align using our best judgment, but there can be some side to side or top to bottom differences.

Damaged or Missing Prints:

We very rarely have a print damaged or lost in shipment. Any damage will be apparent upon opening the package. Because both canvas & paper prints are susceptible to damage by the client after delivery, You MUST notify us of any damage or shortage within two days of delivery for us to file an UPS claim. DO NOT return package, but email us a photo of the damaged shipper and print, if possible, to aid with the UPS claim. All unauthorized returns will be refused and NO credit will be given. We are not responsible for damage once a print leaves our location. Our only obligations are to file an UPS claim for damaged prints and reprint when that claim is paid.

Bent or dinged borders on paper prints are not considered damaged, since most customers either mat or cut off all or some of the borders. We leave these borders simply to protect the printed area until mounting.

Spots, imperfections in the print: You must return the print for inspection before reprint, since most times, the fault is in the digital file and sometimes very difficult to see on an average monitor. In the case of a damaged print, our only obligation is to replace the print. No refunds.

Our Errors:

If we make an error on an order, we are happy to correct it. You MUST notify us within 5 days of delivery. We are not responsible for corrections unless notified within 5 days. You must return any prints before a reprint. Our only obligation is to reprint.

Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations & Changes:

Because our products & services are custom prepared especially for you we cannot accept returns or order cancellations or partial order cancellations. If we do allow you to cancel an order or part of an order we will still charge for any and all work completed up to the cancellation date. If for some reason you order then do not supply images needed to produce the order, we will hold your order open for a reasonable time, then we will convert your order to an in house credit for later use. No Refunds - In-Store Credit Only. Any balance due you will be held in the form of an in store credit. In store credits are good for 6 months.

All unauthorized returns will be refused and NO credit will be given. If we do allow an order cancellation we will still charge for all work completed up to that time. If we do a refund for any reason, other then our own error, there will be a min. charge of 25% or $10.


By ordering you state that you are the copyright owner of these images or show permission from the owner to reproduce these images. We WILL NOT knowingly violate anyone's copyright.

Uncoated canvas will scratch easily. We offer it because some customers choose to do the coating themselves. We DO NOT recommend that you resell uncoated canvas prints.